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How to Improve Your HG658 Device Performance with Huawei Firmware Hg658b

When you move in to a new apartment, you need a new mailbox fixed so you can receive mail and your monthly beauty magazines. Similarly, for your device to receive incoming traffic, you will have to create a new port forwarding rule on your Huawei HG658b Router. That is going to be our very last step. Stick with me now, you've done great so far, Better yet Bookmark this page, it always helps.

Huawei Firmware Hg658b

Hello, I know its unlikely, but did anyone ever come across Huwaei f2000 aka hg659b (I believe) This provider branded with a firmware version V100R001C59B036 and I would really like to get at my keys because my provider is unable (not unwilling, but actually unable) to give me one of my configuration passwords. I will be honest, I dont know where to start. I had no success extracting the configuration file with the command (ping) exploit and I guess my next step would binwalk to get at the firmware

Is this your router Huawei HG658B? If yes, was this an original HG658B from O2 or a pre-moddering HG658B from O2? If you bought your HG658B from O2, then it should be able to connect to your phone without problems. My problem is, that I have also a HG658B and I do not know if it is original or it was modded. When I do not know anything about something, I give it a try. If it works, it might be an original. Else, I think it was modded.

The original firmware of Huawei (Huawei HG658B_FW.ipn) is released by O2 and it works perfectly. If it worked, there is a chance that the router, that you are using, is original. Here is the download link:


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