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The Full Monty Vocal Score Pdf [PORTABLE]

Looking for more recruits, the four men hold an open audition and settle on Horse, an older man who is nevertheless a good dancer, and Guy, who can't dance at all but proves to be unusually well-endowed. The six men begin to practise their act. Gaz then learns that he has to pay a 100 deposit in order to secure the club for the night. He cannot afford this, but Nathan gets the money out of his savings, saying he trusts Gaz to repay him. When they are greeted by two local women while putting up posters for the show, Gaz boasts that they are better than the real Chippendales because they go "the full monty". Dave, struggling with his body image, drops out and finds a job as a security guard at Asda. The others publicly rehearse at the mill for some female relatives of Horse, but a passing policeman catches them mid-show, and Gaz, Gerald and Horse are arrested for indecent exposure, costing Gaz the right to see Nathan. Lomper and Guy manage to escape to Lomper's house, where they look lovingly at each other, starting a relationship.

The Full Monty Vocal Score Pdf

OINK! is based upon the well known tale of The Three Little Pigs, but you can be sure you have never heard this version before! When little Frank Trotter and his big, greedy brothers Monty & Welly are caught stealing the harvest feast, they are banished from the farmyard and sent out into the big wide world. At the same moment, infamous carnivore BB Wolf is being released from prison, apparently cured of his granny-eating ways by a mad professor. Unfortunately, his vegetarian days are short lived and BB is soon on the prowl for a sausage sandwich! This hilarious take on the well known story is full of wonderful characters, superb songs and loads of laughs, making it a sure hit for performers and audience alike. With parts for between 26 and 50 children, plus unlimited chorus opportunities, this show will suit any size school or group. A CD featuring dazzling fully orchestrated backing tracks with AND without vocals is available for rehearsals and performances.


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