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Bob Sinclar - Love Generation

Eventually he ends up back at his home at the time he usually gets back from school. He embraces and chats animatedly to his mother, and she brings him to bed later. He looks thoughtfully at the globe at his bedside table, before rolling over to sleep. Overall the video has a very upbeat story, an adventure in the wild outdoors, and how a boy spreads love all over his nation.

Bob Sinclar - Love Generation

This cute little face, belonging to Charles-David Beaudoin, made us feel so much love we wanted to go round and hug everybody. He may not be feeling the love generation now but he is feeling the ice - as a Canadian Hockey player:

We absolutely love this one, because, well, it is actually B.I.G's real-life son who plays his late father in the music video. He's all grown up now, aged 19, graduated from school and pursuing acting. 041b061a72


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