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HD Online Player (dragon Ball Z Movie 12 Fusion Reborn) ##VERIFIED##

Goku is then transported back to the start of the movie and he is surprised that his death didn't happen. There is then a flashback to the Vegeta Saga and a battle scene. " For those who have not seen this before, Goku is at the age of 7. The villain on the right is Yamcha. The other two are Blue and Yellow. Goku is fighting Yamcha, who is trying to take a weak shot at him. He gets hit in the chest. Yamcha then charges at Goku, and moves his fist to try to hit him. Goku uses his tail to block the punch. Goku is then about to be beaten down to the ground. But for some reason, the two blue and yellow balls rise up out of the ground and block the punches. The opponent then retreats, backing up to the blue ball. He puts his hands together and appears to be saying something, as he looks from the blue ball to the rest of the two balls. He then hits the blue ball with his left hand. The blue ball splits in two, revealing a villain.

HD Online Player (dragon ball z movie 12 fusion reborn)

In episode 6 of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Gogeta has an impressive amount of free time to ponder and reflect on life and the universe. Gogeta is shown to be able to keep his composure during a fight and holds himself accountable for his actions. However, when he feels unable to keep up with Janemba's speed, he attempts to switch his own move to allow him to keep up by feinting his attacks, but this leads him to be more aggressive, which he eventually admits to himself that makes him lose control over his body. He is also shown to be somewhat attached to Goku and Vegeta and enjoys reminiscing about them, even though they are enemies. He is later shown to be saddened to not be able to give them any message before they go their separate ways. Gogeta then realizes that even if Janemba defeats him, he still has a life to live and will return to his fellow Saiyans to discuss his next move. Gogeta then allows his fusion to be released and returned to its two base forms once he sees that Janemba did not hesitate to kill off his body as he will not hesitate to kill off Gogeta's soul. Before they battle again, Gogeta tells Janemba that he is not afraid of him. It is later revealed that Gogeta's tail has been the cause of him being distracted. To get rid of this, Janemba waits until Gogeta's tail has been closed to tangle with it again and again, until the tail was severed and then restored to normal. Gogeta is then able to block Janemba's attacks effectively without fear.


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